Vendorly User Interface and User Experience Redesign

Leading a team of product, design, development, business, and end user professionals, I redesigned the user interface and user experience of a complex vendor management application. The original UI had been based on a dated and unsuitable framework that created numerous usability problems. I entirely reconceived the UI and UX and based them upon a modern enterprise front-end framework and a blend of conventional and innovative patterns. I reimagined and redesigned every aspect of the application, especially the navigation, information architecture, interactions, and visual design. The result is a fresh and effective interface that simplifies and eases how users can perform key tasks and make vital, data-driven decisions.

I guided the development team, based in India, that used an Agile process to implement the new design. I attended almost every scrum meeting for the approximately 8 months required to remake Vendorly. I also helped lead the interdisciplinary team responsible for the application’s new release.

My designs included dashboards that were not simply critical to improving Vendorly’s User Experience but that also have been instrumental in enabling the business development team to substantially increase the application’s client base and revenues.